Group Openings

  • (PhD studentship) Atomic engineering of bulk and surface polarisation for enhanced solar energy conversion under the supervision of Prof. Aron Walsh (Materials) and Prof. James Durrant (Chemistry). Details and application instructions here.

  • (PhD studentship) Electroactive metal-organic frameworks under the supervision of Prof. Aron Walsh (Materials) and funded by the Royal Society (fees and stipend for four years) to commence between March and October 2018.

January 2018

  • “Computer-aided design of metal chalcohalide semiconductors: From chemical composition to crystal structure” Chemical Science (2018) #solar

  • “Influence of water intercalation and hydration on chemical decomposition and ion transport in methylammonium lead halide perovskites” Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2018) #perovskites

  • “Opposing effects of stacking faults and antisite domain boundaries on the conduction band edge in kesterite quaternary semiconductors” Physical Review Materials (2018) #solar

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October 2017

  • “Slow Cooling of Hot Polarons in Halide Perovskite Solar Cells” ACS Energy Letters (2017) #perovskites

  • “Revisiting the Incorporation of Ti(IV) in UiO-type Metal–Organic Frameworks: Metal Exchange versus Grafting and Their Implications on Photocatalysis” Chemistry of Materials (2017) #mofs

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Our research on electroactive metal-organic frameworks has been reviewed in the latest issue of the MRS Bulletin on MOFs for electronics and photonics #mofs